Someday you´ll be sorry,
for what you did.
Someday you´ll want me back.
Someday I will realize,
that I never needed you anyway. yeaheah
And Someday the world will stop moving,
It´s all gonna happen someday.
But right now, I just don´t care.
You left me alone,
the night I needed you most,
You just left me there,
and you didn´t care.
I cried through the whole night,
then it was all over.
I ran away whenever I saw you (with her)
I cried a few hours,
then I was fine again
And now I´m ready to forgive you,


I should have known that it was gonna happen someday.
I´m not sad anymore,
We´re friends again,
and I´ve got this feeling ,
that you want me back someday,


Someday, yeaheah

21.7.06 16:00

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