lies and no truths

I am not innocent at all
you donīt know how hard youīll fall
donīt stay with me
i am a dream that will never be
stay away
there ainīt a way
for you not to get hurt
if you stay with me

my life is filled with no truths
my dreams are full of lies
i am false
because all of me is just a lie
my world is full of anger
it spreads out hurt,
all over the world
donīt fall in love with me,
itīs like playing with fire
your feelings will get burned

people go insane
when they stay with me
because there is nothing to believe in
not even me
you canīt be sure
that i will stay with you
today iīm saying i love you
by tomorrow i might be gone
there is nothing that you can hold on to
in my world nothing lasts forever
i got hurt a while ago
and i wonīt get better
i am taking it all out on the nice ones
cause i got hurt more than once

please just walk out the door
i just canīt bare with all of this no more!
I might be in love with you
but who knows if itīs true
my life is build upon a lie
there are no truths in sight
so PLEASE just go away
i donīt want you to stay
i canīt deal with this anymore
please just walk out of my door!

22.1.07 17:15

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